Madagascar made history buy Her Covid-19 herbal medicine



Coronavirus Cases:






From record as shown above in madagascar covid-19 world report, there have not been any death recorded in madagascar due to corona virus and still the world health organisation is still not certain that the medicine discovered from madagascar “covid-organics” can cure the illness. This herbal cure has been linked to the Artemisia leaf extract that has worked in the past in curing other known illnesses like malaria ebola etc. It has also been noted that little or no side effects is associated with this herbal cure since it is of plant extracts.

Artemisia plant

This oral discovery has been produced for over 2months and no mention is being made in the media regarding this herbal discovery . Africa has been known for many discoveries which most of them have died a natural death because of the sting associated with Africa. All praise go to the madagascar president in his effort to bring this to reality.

Covid-19 pandemic has been an avenue where foreign governments are using to make money example being china noted to have supplied fake face mask to Africa countries especially in Nigeria. Advice also go to other African countries to collaborate with madagascar in securing shipment for this medicine in curing its people. Its time African’s stop waiting for foreign powers to help them in everything. Africa should learn lesson from the past. kudos to madagascar.

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