Mugabe a great man or a tyrant

Mugabe honoued

Robert Mugabe

Born 21 February 1924

Robert Mugabe was a fearless pan African  who devoid of oppositions around him implemented laws and reforms to suit his political ambition. From 1945–1960 he taught in northern Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) and in Ghana before rising to his political ambition, In 1963–1977 he was imprisoned and exiled in Zambia and Mozambique. Critics would have claimed that these events toughened him up towards his political ambition.

From 1987–1995. He made reforms that made him rose from prime minister to executive president which means he  combined the roles of head of state, head of government, and commander-in-chief of the armed forces. This position gave him the power to dissolve parliament, declare martial law, and run for an unlimited number of term. In 1995–2000 with all these powers he made many laws and land reforms that did not benefit the white farmers which led to massive evacuation of white farmers which led to economic depreciation and complete uncertainty in Zimbabwean economy. this was followed by Land seizures and growing condemnation by the west between 2000–2008.

In the verge to keep power in 2008 he shared power  with the MDC led by late Morgan Tsvangirai which have little or no benefit in elevating the country economy and bringing ending suffering to the masses.

He was ousted by a Coup d’état and later resigned in 2017.  He  became sick and finally died in Singapore at the age of 95.

Depending on which perspective you viewed him, what is your opinion about his lifetime. Good or bad he left an impact, to some folks  he was a tyrant.

What is your view

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