NEPA man fear dead when stab by an angry customers.

The last five weeks has been the most difficult and scariest for Oluwaseyi Amao since he became an adult which was tested by his resolve and ability to face risks. An employee of Ikeja Electricity Distribution Company (Ajao Undertaking, Oshodi Business Unit), the man has
found himself striding precariously on the corridors of danger as a result of his job. In the afternoon of January 3rd 2019, encountered what could have been his last moments on earth. While on electricity disconnection duties that afternoon at No. 13 Adesanya Street, Mafoluku, Lagos, the moment took a perilous turn
An enraged resident, Oluwadamilare Temenu, unhappy with their mission, used the help of two empty bottles of beer to pass his judgment on the visiting IE employees. By inflicted three deep stab wounds to the neck and hand of a helpless Amao. A 42-year-old man and a father of three.

He says……. When the broken bottle landed on my neck and I saw blood gushing out, I thought that was the end of me,” he said this during his interview during the week. “I feared that death had come, that I would never see another day.” his untold pains and anguish makes him fear what the future held making thought of all kinds ran through his mind.
Also in addition he explain that…. When they got to the compound that day to disconnect their electricity supply, the guy who stabbed me never argued with us or even showed any sign of disagreement, so we had no reason to be afraid or suspect any danger,” Amao said, “But immediately I climbed the pole to cut the cable, he rushed out with two bottles, broke it and started chasing my colleague.
As I rushed down from the pole, he stabbed me in the neck. While still trying to regain my balance, he stabbed me in my left hand and neck again. I became very weak but managed to hold on tightly to him.

“My colleagues soon came around, overpowered and handed him to the police while I was taken to the hospital,” he said.
Amao is a long way from fully getting back on his feet from the near-death experience, apart from opening his eyes to the dangers he contends with on the job, this has also taught him new ideas on how to avoid a similar encounter.

“Since that attack that nearly claimed my life, I have not been climbing poles. In fact, at our unit, we have been discussing how best to deal with violent customers because many of my colleagues have been attacked after my experience.

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