Nigeria governor demolishes hotels for violating lockdown order

The demolishing of two hotels by governor wike in rivers state Nigeria seen above is something of concern for human rights and its democratic institution. The Governor behaviour looks callous and unsensible with regards to the institution which it represents. This Governor was voted in as democratic elected Governor of Rivers state Nigeria by the people for the people of River’s State. His action is in opposition to the office He occupies. Is this Governor telling the people of Rivers State that the Judiciary in that State does not exist or that himself is the judiciary and as such he is unquestionable. Does it make make sense that as human lives are being lost also properties are lost as well. Every Government is focussing on saving lives and properties but this Governor is doing the opposite believing that no one can question him. It shows how un-educated He is and it also reveals that politics in Africa have a long way to go, no wonder Politicians can looth money, stock cash in a helicopter and fly to a foreign land to save in a foreign bank. It is time these African politicians are held accountable for the office they occupy and allow the rule of Law to take its cause.

Wike the democratic dictator of Rivers State

Where is the Judiciary in Nigeria, does it exist, does the Legislecture exist. I Wonder how an entity can exist without state of direction and accountability. We in diaspora believe that the action of this Rivers State governor should be visited by the Federal High Court of Nigeria making sure that the Governor is brought back to his senses. Nigeria has just borrowed 3.4 billion dollars from the world bank which has been shared and distributed to these wasteful Nigeria Governor’s. Governor Wike should be checked, He has lost his senses and direction and obsessed with the ofiice of the Governor. He is not looking at himself as man anymore and has elevated himself to the God of River State. He should be checked and brought back to reality otherwise he will do more damages to River State.

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