One month after explosion “possible signs of life”


Rescue effort continues digging deep after a dog detected signs of breathing underneath the wrecked bubble of a building that collapsed in the massive explosion that tore through Beirut one month ago. Edward Bitar, a member of NGO Live Love Lebanon working with TOPOS CHILE in Lebanon, said they had detected 18 breath cycles per minute emanating from under the rubble using the sensor however this has been reduced today to 7 breaths cycles per minute bringing chance of any survival to a minimal level as reported by Aljazeera news.

Rescue effort however said they will continue digging until someone is found no matter what it takes, they are working with assistance of the lebanese military.

The collapse of the structure is due to a  2,750-ton stockpile of ammonium nitrate stock in the building and similar stockpile has been found in the nearby building. They are highly explosive chemical often used as fertilizer and the piles have been stocked for over 6 years. Many culprits have been arrested and investigation is ongoing to bring anyone connected to book.

It is reported that 190 people have been killed , more than 6,500 wounded and causing widespread damage. Over 1,000 people have been hospitalized, many more missing and 120 were still in critical condition on Friday, according to Lebanon’s health minister, Hamad Hassan.

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