Princes Diana was no ordinary

Her marriage was seen as a fairy tale romance

Before William and Kate or Harry and Meghan, there was Prince Charles and Princess Diana. The entirety of the 80s was abuzz with the engagement of the most eligible bachelor in England and the starry-eyed woman who would become the most beloved figure in the UK and eventually, the world. In the beginning, their union was considered a fairy tale romance that would be told for generations to come.

It was clear that when the Queen vacated the throne, His Majesty Prince Charles was first in line to the throne as king. That meant that Diana was the heir apparent as queen. But that never happened. Instead, their marriage led to tragedy.

She was empathetic to those who suffered

Diana is remembered not just for her grace, beauty, and charm, but also for her compassion and empathy for those less fortunate. Her humanitarian work not only changed the way the public viewed the monarchy but changed people’s perspective on real, lesser-known issues that affected many.

She used her platform to bring awareness to issues around the world, ones which marginalized people. She often did so against the advice of managers and advisers who worried that she was taking big risks in terms of publicity for the royal family– but that didn’t stop her. The princess was determined to speak her mind.

Where does her story really start? Kindergarten

Where does Princess Diana’s story begin? For many, it was when she and Prince Charles began their courtship. But her personal story started much earlier. We often think of royalty as a stoic symbol, an example, and role models. But Diana wasn’t always royalty, and her life before Buckingham Palace shaped who she was.

The world got to know Diana later, as royalty. It’s impossible to think anyone could measure their esteem with someone as confident, brave, and stylish as the late princess. But she wasn’t always like that. In fact, Diana’s childhood and teenage years were like those of many others: timid, unsure, and naive.

Before she was Princess Diana, she was known as Lady Spencer

Before she was Princess Diana, she was known as Lady Spencer. Growing up, she was a shy individual who was soft-spoken and kind. Though it was reported that she wasn’t exactly a straight-A student, she was intuitive and level-headed. The New York Times reported: “Because of her quicksilver temperament, Diana could slip easily from one mood to another, confounding those around her.

She was reliable and always made others feel welcomed and needed. That was her power and many believed it was her approachable appearance that made it easy to love her. Her eyes were the first signs of welcome. Thy emitted kindness and non-judgement

Her eyes made you feel safe

Her impossibly blue eyes were one of her most expressive facial features. The way she looked at people communicated genuinely and effortlessly. It was also her humble nature and quick wit that drew people to her. She was cheerful and a prankster behind closed doors, making her well-rounded and well-humored. For those reasons, she was well-equipped to be a teacher.

Before she married Charles, Diana had a passion for teaching young children — kindergartners specifically. She loved children and felt like she found her place in the world. But there was a greater calling for the future Princess (spoiler alert). It’s her royal legacy that will be most remembered

Meeting Prince Charles was no mere coincidence

To say that Prince Charles meeting Diana was completely random and serendipitous would be incorrect. There was a member of Diana’s family who rubbed elbows with the royal family. Diana’s maternal grandmother was a lady-in-waiting for Queen Elizabeth, the bachelor prince’s mother. As her lady-in-waiting, Diana’s grandmother served as a companion and personal assistant.

Is it possible that a long time companion of the Queen’s mother may have said a word or two about her granddaughters? Maybe. After all, Diana wasn’t the first in her family to be courted by the “most eligible bachelor” in the world. He also dated Diana’s older sister, Sarah.

Marrying Royalty was just a chapter in her life

Of course, the wedding of the decade happened and 750 million people all over the world tuned in to watch. It had all the makings of a fairy tale wedding. Diana, only 20 at the time, felt she was ready to tackle the next chapter of her life. As her engagement to Charles got closer to the big day, many speculated whether or not her marriage with Prince Charles was the right choice.


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