Prince Philip ‘very shocked and shaken’ after car crash near Sandringham Estate


The Duke of Edinburgh has been involved in a car crash near to the Sandringham Estate. The Duke, 97, was driving the car but was not injured in the collision.

Police have confirmed he was breath tested at the scene, and had not been drinking.

The female driver of the second car, a Kia, suffered cuts while a female passenger sustained an arm injury, both requiring hospital treatment.

Norfolk Police and ambulance crews attended the scene, on the A149 on Thursday afternoon.

It is understood that the Duke had been pulling out of a driveway and onto the main road, with his Land Rover overturning onto the driver’s side.

“An eyewitnesses said they helped the duke out of the vehicle. He was conscious but ‘very, very shocked’ and shaken,” the BBC said.

The Duke has been examined by a doctor at Sandringham, where he has been staying with the Queen over the Christmas period. 

The royal car and one other vehicle was taken away from the scene by recovery truck, with police at the scene.

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