The secrecy of China in coronavirus pandemic


The Corona Virus has killed thousands worldwide and few in china compared to what is happening in Europe and stagering number of cases in America yet the chinese has behaved as if nothing happened, economy opens corona virus equipment being shipped round the world. Trump once called it china virus and people where complaining. Why are people complaining while the American president was up for the truth and in effect hitting the hammer at the head.. This is china virus because it came from wuhan a city in china, To make matter worse why did the chinese government refused to sound the alarm at the beginning of the outbreak. China should be investigated, Mr Trump we beg you to lead this investigation, videos and news are flying everywhere regarding the chinese optimum motive to lead the world please listen to this video Mr Trump

The world leaders are not taking this serious as it should be. The world belongs to all of us, human errors due to supremacy could be attributed to this and while the coronavirus war go on this investigation must be done. We need answers

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