Eiye and Aiye causing mayhem in shomolu, bariga Axis.

The battle between this two strong cultist group as been going on for awhile around bariga and shomolu area in lagos, while up to seven cult members were killed in the supremacy battle including, Makinde Abiodun, Tessy, peepe and S.money.

A witness leaving in that area known as Abayomi Banjoko said Makinde Abiodun was killed while having drink with his friends at Ladylak in Bariga.

He said,

while Makinde was drinking at around 8pm on Thursday, some group of guys started beating him with charms and using machete to cut his head and body till he died.

Also adding to his story he said,

Tessy was killed with machete around Majock filling station, Salami was killed at Odunsi on Saturday, S-money was also killed around the canal area of Atifase and two others were shot dead at the canal area of shomolu.

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