!Abacha Loot! Will IBB not be investigated


With the recovery of millions of dollars from foreign banks stolen by the notorious Abacha the successor to General Babangida during the military regime era of the the Nigeria Mafia’s, it is clear that the Army men ruled the country without fear of repacaution and justice and there is urgent need to ask the international community to release details of IBB saving’s worldwide. General Babangida known popularly as IBB ruled Nigeria for eight years (8yrs) with different schemes and methods and during this time it looked as if his regime will never end. He was one time the Head of State of Nigeria and later upgraded himself to the President Of Nigeria. He was the President of Nigeria without any electoral vote and he succeeded to attain that power and position without anyone to query him being that he his wearing the military uniform. He is no longer in uniform and we have seen that if not that general abacha is dead no one will have been able to diagnose him to find out that the his looting’s worth billions of dollar,s have damaged the Nigeria as a country and Nigerian citizens.

Lets look at a brief history of his career while in military.

IBB was nominated as the chief of army staff in 1983

IBB was head of state in 1985

IBB annulled the presidential election in 1993

IBB was one of the founders of people democratic party (PDP) in 1998

IBB assumed power in different stages and rule the country without fear and demolished every institution that tried to destabililise him or his regime. Notable among these are the demise of Dele Giwa a journalist rumoured to have been eliminated by the military junta, moshood abiola a close friend of his and political rival who rumoured to have won the Nigerian Presidential election that he IBB annuled, and a host of other events. Babangida is rumoured to be worth US$5 billion but nobody or no government has been bold enough to place an inquiry into this.

At this time when crude oil prize has fallen to minimum with no value and Nigeria is dependent on borrowing it will be wise if the current democratic government led by Muhammadu Buhari do Nigerians a favour and dig into this issue. Buhari is bent on fighting corruption and recovering Nigerians looted money worldwide. Will this government do Nigerian’s a favour by pursuing this and making sure his promises at recovering public funds is line with his agenda

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