How a Police Station was robbed in Ghana

The Nima police station was robbed in ghana few days ago and this raises question on why the police who is supposed to be the peoples security watch is now being watched by the people and if this is the case why will the people be paying tax to keep the Police.

Ghana is a country in West Africa with neighbouring borders to Burkina Faso (602 km) to the north, Ivory Coast (720 km) to the west, and Togo (1,098 km) to the east. To the south are the Gulf of Guinea and the Atlantic Ocean with a population of about 30million people and have been governed by a democratic structure since 1957. Ghana is being looked by the outsiders as a place of safety in the West African region.

On the 18th of June 2020 the commander of Police in charge of Nima police station reported that an unkwown person broke into the building through the air condition wall mount and entered the building stealing a 32 inch television set and a computer monitor and an attempt was made to steal the printer. The commander also said that stationary’s and clients police statements were also stolen.

These statements are difficult to comprehend because the fact is that the police is the final stage as far as protecting people and property’s are concerned, in this case the police are reporting to the people to help them. There are many stories in Africa that will be difficult to balance and the government of Ghana owe the citizens a reasonable explanation.They should come out and tell the people why the trust of the Police will be re-established otherwise the police in Ghana has lost his value and dignity and should not be anyway be trusted

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