Black Lives matters


Thousands gather in downing in different city’s in UK underminding the fear of corona-virus. Black and white and other color protesting that black live matters and passing clear information that the UK is not excluded from racial pandemic.

All around Uk protest continues and in watford the boxer Anthony Joshua was among the protesters

Manchester Protest

Organizers are determined that this protest continues over the weekend even though the home Secretary Priti Patel posted on Twitter, urging people not to gather in groups larger than six, “for the safety of all of us”.

Victims of racism in America police Assault

Timetable for the events are stated below

Black Lives Matter protests planned in UK this weekend:


  • London – Parliament Square, 1pm
  • Manchester – Piccadilly Gardens, 1pm
  • Newcastle Upon Tyne – Online 1pm
  • Leicester – Clock Tower, 1pm
  • Sheffield – Devonshire Green, 1pm
  • Ipswich – Town Hall, 2pm


  • London – US Embassy, 2pm
  • Manchester – St. Peter’s Square, 2pm
  • Edinburgh – Princes Street Gardens, 1pm
  • Glasgow – George Square, 2pm
  • Bristol – College Green, 2pm
  • Norwich – Haymarket, 2pm
  • Coventry – Godiva, 1pm
  • Derby – Derby Council House, 2pm
  • Colchester – Castle Park, 1pm

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