Boris Johnson eases Lockdown


The Uk Prime minister Boris Johnson have announced the way forward to corona virus that will ease lockdown from the Monday the 15th of June

Among the measures are

People are expected to wear face mask at all times in buses and public places with social distancing of 2 meters still in place

you will be allowed to meet another household from the 15th. To explain it further group of six can meet another household of the same number

 Some leisure facilities and places of worship can re-open. Which means Churches and Mosques and other religious organizations are required to meet and worship in their venues

 No changes to rules around schools and pubs. The schools and colleges are expected to be back fully in September therefore as earlier announced the same rule still applies. He further re emphasized that schools cannot be reopened in full but must remain according to how it is because social distancing rules are not fully complied and also because the population are still susceptible to infection.

Talking about leisure places it does implies that gyms and sports complexes will resume and therefore it might be left for the management to device a more effective way to control its clients.

other recreation centers like zoos cinema parks are all expected to be back on

high street shop are expected to resume but social distancing rules are expected therefore management have a great role to play

Primary Schools in England have already resumed in England since the 1st of June however parents have the option to opt out if they feel it is not safe for them, and from what we see the schools are still not in full capacity

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