Kaduna State eases lockdown


The Governor of Kaduna State Malam Narsir Elrufai addressing the state on 10th of June 2020 on easing lockdown in the state.

The new Quarantine order 2 that started from 11 to 30 June , 2020. Movement can go on within the state, working hours from 9am – 3pm daily,
The church services are allowed to conduct on Sunday only, the mosques conduct their jumat services only on Friday all once a week.

Supermarkets and providers personal services like Hotels,, restaurants, events centers, salons and others as the case may be can reopen fully.
Also, the Governor made it clear this time of Covid-19, it will not be proper to open the Schools and Markets due to nature of the places. The state Government is engaging with the stake holders in this respect to finding ways most suitable and conducive for reopening.

More over, in all these mentioned above, the Government emphasised strick Subject to compliance with safe reopening measures & protocols, businesses can reopen, with the provision of thermometers for temperature checks, sanitizers or handwashing equipment and physical distancing measures within all the facilities.

It is noted that the governor of the state have deployed all measures to safeguard the state especially because its neighbouring state “Kano state” have suffered so many unknown deaths which most people believe its covid-19 related even though the state governor have stated many times that those deaths are not connected to covid-19.

Latest figures shows that the state have recorded 10 deaths 383 reported covid – 19 cases out of which 233 has been discharged and 140 cases still on admission.

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