Covid-19 cases in beijing surges


As the second phase of corona-virus outbreak was reported in Beijing city of China it has been reported that another 49 new cases have emerged from the  Xinfadi seafood supermarket in Beijing’s southern Fengtai district. The market was closed on Saturday after it was identified as being the epic centre of infection.

Authorities in the Beijing city province stated that the market has to be closed because of the fear of massive spreading and infection going into the neigbourhood. All around the city residents are living in fear and are avoiding travels within and around the city and as has been earlier reported the authorities believe the primary case was from residents returning back from different areas but it has been acknowledged that the local residents have also tested positive.

China has been known for its secrecy since the first outbreak and as such the result reaching us may not be the exact representation of what is going on in beijing. At this moment the chinese authority are only playing a blame game and report reaching us is that the virus came from overseas and Europe in particular and still they have not been able to prove what means of transportation that inhabited the virus from Europe.

This is a deadly virus and china has posed a great treat to the rest of the world right from the beginning of this pandemic. At the moment the world health organisation (WHO) should be working neck to neck with china but nothing significant has been heard from the (WHO). As at the moment infection cases has climbed above 80 which is officially reported and knowing fully well that this may not be the actual result (WHO) should act fast as this is the only way other countries can learn and prepare ahead as second phase of the pandemic looms

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