I weep for America

George Floyd

George Floyd story is not the only surprising killing of black Americans. It started modern day Rodney King in los Angeles 1991, still ongoing till this day George Floyd 2020. Above are some of the many faces of black Americans killed in police brutality since 1991, When will it end, when will color and racism die a natural death.

 It is disheartening to see black Americans who have left America just because of racism in America. Color is beauty, anywhere without color is awkward .  Look at these dogs white, black, grey ash etc. who will tell these dogs that they have different color, they play together move together .  White folks walk  black dogs black folk walk white Dogs and so forth.

I met a black American in London who in the process of our chat told me that she left America to London and she don’t know if she will ever go back to America. When asked why? I was surprised that she said that as far as Donald Trump remains the President of America she will never step her foot back to her country America. I was in shock why, because I personally love Donald Trump. I tried to explain to her why I love Trump but she said  that we that are not living in America don’t know the America. She said we only listen to television news and that until I decide to live in America then I will see the true color America.

Why should I think that Trump is the problem, forgive me to say this if you have a different opinion, I think the problem is America and its establishment. Just last week Joe  Biden was campaigning about blacks voting for the republicans which he later Apologized, and this is America. Racism have been accepted in America and embedded in the system. Why should people see color as oppose to person. America is deeply rooted in race, time to work around this, work around America institutions, in political establishments, in Religious circle, churches, mosques and other Religious establishments. America should  start teaching American pupils in schools about humanity and the danger that goes with Racism. To be honest the world is watching and no one values America anymore. When we were kids every child dream was to travel to America but now it is opposite. America used to be called God’s own country and the truth is that I truly weep for America.

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