Kwara state cancels Eid prayers over pandemic crisis


kwara state government  suspended the yearly  congregational Eid el kabir prayers for the  year  due to the coronavirus pandemic crisis

The Eid el kabir is usually celebrated every year all over the world by all Muslims, the technical committee set up for the covid 19 in the state, chaired by kayoed Alabi,

After the consultation with religious leaders and the council of Ulama a decision was made to cancel the yearly festival schedule for July.

Though the Friday prayers have been lifted, but with a strict compliance with Covid 19 precautionary measures and guidelines and the use of mandatory face mask.

In addition to that, the consultation was also extended to the religious leaders of the Christian Association chapter in the state, which vigils have been suspended temporary until further notice and the restriction of church services limited to 2 hours service with full safety compliance and Covid 19 safety measures..

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