Oba of Lagos looting (a reflection of angry subjects)


The people believe that the Oba of Lagos is part of Nigeria Government and being inauguarated by the then Lagos State governor “Bola Tinubu The richest and untouchable politician” his palace was looted and his life targeted. It was believed that there was rapid intervention by the police and that is why the Oba is still alive. If this story and findings are true what is the lesson learnt through this by those in power either in government or as civilian’s still liable for the public.

If the people in government vacates office do they think it’s all over and therefore free to walk freely on the streets? Answer is simply “NO”. From what we saw during this protest, power belongs to the people and the leaders have to respect the people and honour any promises made during political campaign otherwise the people will react.

Lagos state has a population of 20 million people of different nationalities therefore governance in Lagos should be an indication or reflection of how a country should be. The people could not hold it anymore therefore they came out looking for any body in power in other to express their feelings and anger, the Oba of Lagos happens to be the person suitable for this and so angry lagosian’s bounced on him

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