Prince Harry happiness is the first priority


Folks needs to understand that living a life of unhapiness is the worst life anyone could expect. Prince harry has been unhappy since the untimely death of his mother at 36 years he was then 12years of age. This child never experienced the love of a mother and has been mothered by a nanny till he got married. Events in his teenage and adult stage proves how devastated he feels and the urge for a mother figure led him to get married to a beautiful lady older than him. He was lucky to have met an American superstar who is wealthy and well known and who loves him to bits and i believe their union have changed the life style of an unhappy child who was living in confusion and in isolation from love of his mother.

Lets look at it in summary Prince Harry is royal with title Duke of Sussex, Earl of Dumbarton and Baron Kilkeel,  conferred to him before he got married. He is Royal in birth that is his birth right conferred to him the royal emblem. Then why should someone think of stripping him his title which is his birth right. He is the 6th in throne to HRM and this means that the chances of becoming king is slim. In this regard the Prince have his right to live anywhere he wants maintening his royal throne and all benefits that comes with it. Will the royal family prefer him to be mentally damaged or to live a deserved decent life he deserves with his family. Note that this young man may try the life outside there and may not like it and one decide to come back to his home country. Please i am begging that everyone should encourage him to do what he wants rather than scolding him. there is no point for that. Let him go anywhere he wants with his title and more so create a role a new office like for example “the royal embassador to the queen commonwealth” i believe he will do well.

Prince Harry is articulate, clever smart and listens and he is a good child and this is why he has been able to withstand the death of his mother.

I felt for his brother Prince William, Duke of Cambridge who needed him around all the time but this is not the end of the world. Harry wil be better alive and happy rather the opposite things will work out itself for good.

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